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Welcome ...

at exSAM in the heart of Munich!

High school, intermediate maturity and qualification catch up in Munich


Then you are exactly right with exSAM!

In day or evening classes you can do your external school exams.

With your visit to exSAM, you will be able to graduate from high school if you have passed the Baccalaureate, the Middle Aged or the Qualifying Degree.

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High school, intermediate maturity and qualification catch up in MunichExSAM is right in the center of Munich and is the right address to catch up on the A-levels, the intermediate level or the qualification. Our well-equipped institute is centrally located. Only 250 meters away from Munich main station, exSAM has the best connection to the MVV. Regional trains, S-Bahn, U-Bahn, tram and bus stops are less than a five-minute walk away. Thus, our educational institution for all Munich, but also for those who come to us from supraregional areas, very easy to reach. Numerous shopping and snack options in the immediate vicinity offer our aspirants in the well-scheduled breaks between blocks a quick and effective way to exchange ideas and recharge their batteries for the rest of the day.

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High school, intermediate maturity and qualification catch up in MunichOur concept - your options

Our Mission Statement: Quality - Transparency - Trust

exSAM - external school leaving certificates Munich - is a private educational institution that offers young people as well as adults the opportunity to receive comprehensive preparation for an external school leaving qualification.

The foundation for our success is quality, transparency and trust - our competence triangle.
The most important factor for a successful preparation for the desired graduation is a high quality of instruction. That is why the highest priority for exSAM is a well-structured and well thought-out, didactic and methodical preparation of the teaching material. In addition, it is particularly important to us that our prospective candidates, as well as the parents, understand our actions. Regular information evenings for all types of graduation, but also the daily communication contribute to an excellent cooperation. The constant exchange between students, teachers and the management is intertwined and ensures that everyone feels understood and reserved.
exSAM attaches great importance to being in close correspondence with the family home and the environment of the prospective candidate, so that participation in a preparatory course in the personal environment of the respective student can be well embedded.

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High school, intermediate maturity and qualification catch up in MunichOur goals - your successes

Our motto is: "Class instead of mass"!

The goal and the motivation of the exSAM team is that all those who want to catch up with exSAM, the Abitur, the Mittlere Reife or the Quali, also complete their respective school leaving certificates. Because - your success is our success!
Jeder, der zu uns kommt, hat unterschiedliche schulische Erfahrungen gemacht und bringt dementsprechend auch ein anderes Vorwissen mit. Zu Beginn eines jeden neuen Schuljahres werden deshalb zunächst die Basics wiederholt und Wissenslücken geschlossen. Erst danach, wenn alle eine gemeinsame Startposition haben, beginnen wir mit der stofflichen Vorbereitung auf das Abitur, die Mittlere Reife oder den Quali. In unseren modernen und hellen Unterrichtsräumen werden durchschnittlich nur 15 angehende Prüflinge gemäß den Vorgaben des bayerischen Kultusministeriums in allen prüfungsrelevanten Fächern unterrichtet. Die ansprechende Ausstattung, zusammen mit der geringen Klassenstärke, bieten deshalb beste Voraussetzungen, um sich in angenehmer Atmosphäre auf das Abitur, die Mittlere Reife oder den Quali optimal vorzubereiten. exSAM setzt dabei bewusst auf den Einsatz moderner Unterrichtskonzepte und auf die digitale Vermittlung des Unterrichtsstoffs durch Multimedien. Je nach gewähltem Schulabschluss, findet der Unterricht in Kernzeit Montag bis Freitag von 9:00 Uhr bis 14:00 Uhr, unter Berücksichtigung der Bayerischen Ferienordnung, satt.

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