About us

Objective and Pedagogy

Zielsetzung - Abitur, Mittlere Reife, Quali nachholen

exSAM, a private, independent educational institute offers pre-university education for students of all ages. In courses of one or two years, depending on the selected course, our encouraging teacher provide all our students the necessary support to reach their personal goal: this could either be the GCE General Certificate of Education/European Baccalaureate (Abitur) or GCSE General Certificate of Secondary Education (Mittlere Reife) or Secondary Modern School Certificate (Qualifizierender Abschluss der Mittelschule). But our students learn not only for school, but for life! In addition to your lessons all our students receive support for their future professional career. Our job application training provides all the assistance and support for a successful start into our students’ future working life. Each student has his individual school career, and we do not made any assumptions about our students’ previous school-career. Therefore each new school year begins at the student’s current starting point. There we start! At first we reinforce each individual’s own motivation to learn at school. We then build up and enhance each student’s knowledge. Our small kept class size offers the best opportunity for our students to get all the individual attention they need. Our highly qualified teachers are looking forward to providing optimal support and engaging our students to attain their targets!

Location and Technical equipment

Pädagokik - Abitur, Mittlere Reife, Quali nachholenOur institute is located in the very heart of Munich, just 250 metersfrom the central railway station, where all public transports operate. This unique location is not only perfect for all students living in Munich but even for those from a little further away. Shops and a number of eating facilities are located next to our institute and offer everything needed for our students to regain strength during our break or after school.
exSAM’S light and modern furnished classrooms provide a bright and friendly atmosphere and create the perfect setting and agreeable working environment for all our students. Class size is kept small making it possible to take account of individual students ‘needs. This enables individual attention for each student in order to develop his or her potential. We know that nowadays modern technical apparatus is indispensable for teaching purposes and therefore our lessons are computer assisted. At any time we provide digital learning aid and free downloaded learning material. Needless to say that our technical equipment is state of the art. We’d also like to state out that our computer room is available for all our students after school.
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