Mittlere Reife (General Certificate of Secondary Education) – Evening courses

A secondary education offers a wide range of choices:

  • A higher qualification profile enhances your career prospects
  • Gaining access to vocational and technical schools

Mittlere Reife in der Abendschule nachholen

In accordance with the relevant national legislation (MSO § 64 und § 68) you have to take the exam in 6 subjects:

  • German
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • History / Social Studies/ Geography (G/S/E)
  • Physics / Biology / Chemistry (P/C/B)
  • Economy / technology / Project work (AWT/Projekt)

Why should you enroll as a student at exSAM in an evening class?

  • Evening courses are a perfect option for those who have to work during the day
  • A higher qualification offers more and better opportunities of advancement.
  • Entitles to study at any Secondary School/College (FOS) or at any Vocational High School (Fachakademie)

What do we offer?

  • Small teaching groups
  • Qualified, motivated teachers
  • Individual attention
  • Mock exams
  • Employee-friendly teaching hours (Mo-Fri, 17:45- 21:30)

The final exam and the evaluation take place at a public school.
But, don’t worry!
Just take care of your studies!
We do all the paperwork and the registration at our partner school for you!

Evening course:

One year course/ 11 months:
Starts: 20.09.2021
Fees: € 379.- (per month)
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