Quali (Secondary Modern School Certificate)

A secondary modern school education (Quali) offers a wide range of choices:

  • A higher qualification profile enhances your career prospects
  • Gaining access to any vocational schools

What do we offer?

We bolster the self-confidence of each pupil and encourage our students to exploit their skills and talents.
In small teaching groups our teachers give individual attention to each student. All subjects are tested monthly and furthermore mock exams are provided under authentic exam conditions.
Quali nachholen in München

In accordance with the relevant national legislation (§40 VSO) you have to take the exam in 6 subjects:

  • German
  • English or History / Social Studies / Geography (G/S/E)
  • Ethics
  • Mathematics
  • Physics / Biology / Chemistry (P/C/B)
  • Economy / technology / Project work (AWT/Projekt)*


Gaining access to M10 (Mittlere Reife) will not be possible without a degree in English. The final exam and the evaluation take place at a public school.

Daily courses

One year course/ 11 months:
Starts: 20.09.2021
Fees: € 379.- (per month)
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Attending exSAM does not release from compulsory education (35 ff. BayEUG.)